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About Shucked

Uniquely charming and Delicious

Shucking since 2003

The Shucked Raw experience is a charming one - cultivated from 18 years expertise in the seafood industry, a passion for food and event styling, and a keen eye for aesthetics. Our service will enchant the senses and deliver a captivating culinary adventure for you and your guests–from backyard barbecues to black tie events.

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over 15 varieties of oysters

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sustainably sourced caviar

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unique custom pairings

Meet Heidi

Heidi shucking oysters behind Shucked bar

the mother shucker

Heidi’s role in an unexpected yet rewarding seafood career began when she was just 23. She and Hans launched H&H with one simple farmers market selling Hans’ wild local salmon catch. He’d catch it - she’d sell it.

Studying business at the time, Heidi found she had a natural love of customer service and entrepreneurship while getting to be creative and expand their business by adding more and more farmers’ markets to their schedule, acquiring licensing to start buying from Hans’ other local fishermen friends, to eventually hiring employees and growing to run 16 markets weekly, being the Resident Seafood Buyers of the Santa Cruz Harbor and opening a retail Fish Market - all while raising their 2 kids, daughter Dahlia and son Sebastian.

In 2012 Heidi built and launched California’s first Community Supported Fishery program which still runs to this day. While Hans procures the fish, Heidi is the heart of the program managing the database, customer service, and employees. It’s something she truly loves and is in awe over the way it’s grown through the years.

In 2018 she continued with her creative entrepreneurial spirit and organized her dream of a mobile raw bar catering service into what is now an H&H subsidiary - Shucked Raw Bar. Heidi most loves the creative aspect of building a brand and has enjoyed seeing this vision come to life in a way that’s so different from H&H yet with the core values of superb seafood, customer service, and style.

Heidi handles all executive duties for H&H including employee and fishermen HR, email customer service, overseeing branding/marketing, retail management, and bookkeeping.

In her free time Heidi loves exploring nature (especially beaches,) writing, art, photography, fishing with her son, outings with her daughter, homemaking, traveling, spending time with family, and has a passion for health and fitness.

She loves her role in the H&H family and local community. She joyfully supports her customers, employees, fishermen, and family in every way that she can.


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